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How it Works?

Being a part of SOAP is simple and easy. To see how it works –
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What to do (tips on how to make the best of SOAP)?

For Volunteers

  1. Make sure you describe or list the possible types of projects you would like to volunteer for, in your profile by choosing key words that will likely result in more Project Matches for you.
  2. If you do not find any Projects that match your profile, try changing the key words or phrases used in your profile. The project matches are sent to you based on the information provided by you.
  3. Apply to as many Projects as possible. Since SOAP believes in providing equal opportunities for all its Volunteers to serve a cause the application selection process is completely automated.
  4. In case you are unable to attend a project for which you have been selected, please make sure to cancel well in advance so that you ensure the next available volunteer can work for the cause.


  1. Please make sure you complete your profile to the best of your ability.
  2. Register any Project Ideas you have well in advance, so that the SOAP Admin can approve and assign credits for the Project. Only Admin approved Project Ideas can be converted into working projects.
  3. Think of possible Projects you would like to undertake and register them.
  4. Do not have any Project Ideas? No problem, you can register a Project where you can ask Volunteers to suggest possible projects that you can undertake.
  5. The most important feature of SOAP is the CREDITS system. Please make sure you update the hours worked by each volunteer on completion of each project.
  6. Maintain a daily log book for the duration of the Project and ask the Volunteers to log in the time of start and time finish of work for every day. This will help you easily track the number of hours for each volunteer.
  7. Increase your credibility with SOAP volunteers by promptly updating the hours worked by each Volunteer in your Account.
  8. Make sure to upload photographs of Volunteering work for each Project. This ensures visibility of the Projects undertaken by you.

For Partners

  1. Encourage your employees / students to join as Volunteers OR you can add Volunteers through your SOAP Account
  2. You can organise a Project specifically for your employees / students with a registered SOAP NGO. Log into your account and select 'Projects -> Suggest a Project'.
  3. Make sure you log into your account as often as possible and keep track of your organisation/institution Volunteers
    Your employees / students have the option of registering as a Volunteer. An individual registering as a Volunteer in association with our existing Partners will have to provide their Employee Number OR Student Number as reference. You will receive notifications of such registrations in your Account Summary page. Please MAKE SURE you confirm the registrations.