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SOAP and IIT B - Joy of giving Week

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Supporting Cause/s:

Human Welfare

Location and how to get there:

Location can be a place of your convenience
Time: 9am to 9pm

Project Description:

Meet people and gather information of a Day in their Life

Target people -
1. Beggar,
2. Auto Rikshaw Driver,
3. Sweeper / Garbage Dump collector
4. Traffic signal salesperson
5. Maid
6. Guard
7. Vegetable seller

Questions to ask -
Q1 : Name,
Q2 : Age,
Q3 : Family details ( married/unmarried, Children/No children, if Children How many and how old)
Q4 : Where do you live ?
Q5 : Describe your typical day.
Q6 : What is your daily earning ?
Q7 : If you had the option of becoming anything what would have become and why.
Q8 : What do you aspire to become or achieve now ?
Q9 : What is India to you ?
Q10 : What message do you have for the more previliged.

Expenditure Involved:
Not Applicable
Project Commencement Date:


Project Close Date:


Last Date for Expression of Interest:


No. of Volunteers Required:



1 day/s

Volunteer Time:

10 hours per day

Credits Granted:

6 credits per hour

Funds Required:


Funds Received: