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Exercise Franchise for Good Governance (EFG)

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To promote the idea of exercising one’s vote as a tool for social change with focus on highlighting real issues, for development of sensitive governance towards ending poverty, war, violence, gender and class discrimination

Idea behind EFG

Good governance is a major pillar in the development of every nation. Good governance and the promotion of the common good are not the exclusive responsibility of our governments. Other actors namely individuals and families have a crucial role to play. Regrettably, it is being increasingly seen that individuals and groups often underestimate their ability to contribute to the good governance of their nations. Hardly, we realize that over the period looking forward to an external liberator almost has become our habit. Apathy towards political participation is one good indicator of us getting trapped to culture of passively resigning to fate.

Ownership of citizenship and building confidence in ourselves about the control over shaping the society around us, is thus the key focus of EFG. EFG targets students, middle class and drawing room thinkers who have huge potential in shaping change with time efficiency. The time has now come for action either through policy transfers or giving wings to policies that misses due debate and deliberation. One good way that comes with little tradeoffs is to once again familiarize ourselves with the functioning of democratic institutions that define political, economic, environmental and social realities around us unlearning the habit of apathy. Doing so we will be able develop a sense of belonging to the country (and) would undertake exchanges regarding excellence as a nation locally and globally.

In the year 2007, a group of likeminded citizens joined hands to form a civil society called EFG. The dream is to educate a new generation, to promote policy debate among the governments and the public. We wish to undertake research on ideas for a continental future and to advance greater understanding of actionable policy analysis that seeks to build linkages among a wide variety of institutions, organizations, and groups to promote a national identity which today is fraught with caste class language and border issues. Ultimately and to train a new generation into accepting a Indian consciousness towards a larger goal of shaping world leadership.

EFG believes that with improved participation rates in elections better governance should eventually settle in by default. This is with the assumption that broad basing would make the much despised politicians less vulnerable to class and group bargaining at elections thereby improving the quality of agenda setting

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We are looking for ideas, volunteers and citizens with conviction who wish to experience change in their lifetimes through strengthening of the institution of Democracy.
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