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The Imagindia Institute

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Heena Jabeen

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Environment, Education and Employment, Basic Amenities, Social Campaigns, Cleanliness

About the NGO:
The Imagindia Institute is a non partisan, independent think tank and research center with a mission to promote the image and imagination of India. In pursuit of its mission, Imagindia conducts research, designs strategy, implements projects, and where necessary attempts to shape public and elite opinion - within India, and globally.

Imagindia helps foreign governments, corporate and political leaders, media, and publics to better understand and engage with India. Imagindia simultaneously assists the Indian governmental, political, and business leaderships, and the public and media, to better interpret, strategize, and implement India's geopolitical and economic interests in the global theatre and foreign markets.

Imagindia's work spans public and business diplomacy across cultures, and it often plays a significant role in research and campaigns within India, as well in other countries
Projects of Interest:
We are running a national campaign called Come Clean India. Come, Clean India is a national movement to make, and keep, public spaces clean in India. The movement is generating a national will and action among the people, parliamentarians, and government of India to solve the problem of cleanliness.

Come, Clean India is spreading awareness and action for a clean India. The campaign started on February 27, and since then it has mobilized over 1,000 volunteers and cleared over 2,000 wheel-barrows of trash outside government hospitals across 4 cities, Delhi, Jammu, Itanagar, and Trivandrum. We are soon planning to expand to another 8-10 cities across the country.

In addition to volunteer clean-ups, where we invite MPs, MLAs, and other eminent citizens, the campaign is joining experts across public policy, waste management, urban sanitation, public health, clean energy and climate change, behavior change and mass communications.

A solution to clean cities, towns and villages; sufficient public toilets and effective drainage systems; clean drinking water; clean air with least impact on global warming; clean tourist spots and religious places; and clean rivers in India; will take time. But it can be done. It can be done by spreading awareness, changing our own attitudes, by reforming public policy, and by using technology solutions

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Human Resources, Volunteers

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20 credits

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10 hours

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SOAP Projects:

Come, Clean India - New Delhi
  • Cause: Cleanliness
  • |
  • Duration: 1 days
  • |
  • Start Date: 23/07/2011
  • |
  • Close Date: 23/07/2011

  • No. of Volunteers: 5
  • |
  • Volunteer Time: 2 hrs / day
  • |
  • Credits: 2 / volunteer
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