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Any Corporate (firms, business houses) OR Academic Institutions (Colleges, Schools) can join SOAP as a Partner. By doing so you ensure your students and employees work is recognized by yourself and other registered Partners. This not only motivates the volunteers but also helps you plan group events in team building and CSR.

As SOAP Partner you can
-Promote your CSR and plan events in team building
-Find a cause to support through Project Funding opportunities
-Gain exposure and showcase your projects

How it Works?

how it works

How to join and participate in SOAP?

Step 1: Create an account with SOAP
Step 2: Log in to your account
Step 3: Tell us about your Organisation by completing your Account Details, uploading your Organisation logo and providing the required details
Step 4: Receive confirmation of your account approval from SOAP Admin
Step 5: Create Volunteer Accounts for your team OR encourage your staff/ students to sign up as Volunteers; Monitor the participation of your Volunteers in projects
Step 6: Suggest Projects to a Registered NGO of your choice, which is limited to your Volunteers
Step 7: Fund a Project and support a cause through the Project funding opportunities