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NGOs' meeting our requirements can register with us. As a registered NGO you can publish your programs (projects), get volunteers and funding. The programs will be monitored for task achievement, event planning and execution. SOAP will provide you a national platform for promoting yourself and your programs credibly.

As SOAP NGO you can
-Find a platform to propose your Projects
-Receive Volunteers and Funding for your Projects
-Gain exposure and showcase your projects

How it Works?

how it works

How to join and participate in SOAP?

Step 1: Create an account with SOAP
Step 2: Log in to your account
Step 3: Tell us about your Organisation by completing your Account Details, uploading your Organisation logo and providing the required details.
Step 4: Receive confirmation of your account approval from SOAP Admin
Step 5: Suggest all possible Project Ideas you may want to carry out via SOAP
Step 6: Create and Publish projects from previously suggested ideas by you OR projects suggested by SOAP Partners
Step 7: Receive Expression of Interests from SOAP Volunteers and Funding for your Project through the SOAP ‘Fund a Project’ option open to all
Step 8: Conduct the SOAP Project successfully
Step 9: Assign and submit the Volunteering hours for each Volunteer
Step 10: Upload Photos of the project