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In the social work sphere while interacting with number of volunteers, NGO's, colleges, Schools and Corporates we found that people are eager to help. The NGO's want funding and manpower and Corporates and Educational Institutions require a systemised process that ties all this together.

The need to organize and ratify this led us to form the Social Outreach and Accreditation Program (SOAP).

SOAP is a program that brings together -
Individuals looking to volunteer and support a social Cause,
NGOs looking for volunteers, funds for their programs and a platform to announce the programs (projects) and
Corporates and Academic Institution looking to gain support for building on to their CSR and work on team building; along with bringing volunteering, funding, resources and CSR opportunities.


SOAP introduces the concept of CREDITS for the volunteering completed. The single-most unique point and advantage of being a SOAP Volunteer is the CREDITS system.

A volunteer can earn SOAP Credits on completion of each project / volunteering work. The Credits get accumulated as each project is completed. A certificate from SOAP can be printed for the CREDITS earned. The Credits earned via SOAP Volunteering will be recognized by registered Colleges, Schools and Corporates.

SOAP Volunteers can use the SOAP Credits Certificate as an added value to their experience and social cause service while applying for jobs or higher education.

SOAP Partners (Corporates and Academic Institutions) can rate their Corporate Social Responsibility performance based on the Credits earned by their Staff / Students / Employees as SOAP Volunteers.